T-Mobile Company had announced a utility package for the students and the people over 10 million count having low-income problems last year. This package concluded to provide the people and students with the facility of using broadband internet free of cost.

This package was named “The Homework Gap” by John Legere, who was the CEO of the company last year. The process was planned to put in action with the collaboration of the Sprint Telecommunication Corporation.

Reports assure that T-Mobile Company has successfully collected an amount of $10.7 billion for the particular project which is aimed to be kept running up till the next decade.

It is for sure that the need for the internet has attained a drastic uproar soon after the world-wide pandemic which has made life stuck in the homes for people all over the world. The highly increased number of students that are learning from their homes has demanded to accelerate the availability of the internet and provide much ease for the students in this regard.

T-Mobile Company has revealed that even when there wasn’t a pandemic situation, there were more than 9 million of the total students in America were not having proper and reliable broadband internet facilities.

This had affected them regarding their home assignments completion as well as self-learning. As a result, the students were facing the risk to fall behind in their academics.

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T mobile free internet
T mobile free internet

The relief package allows schools and homes to apply for the program and grant broadband internet access to the students by using ZIP codes. The package has planned to support especially the school lunch programs that have a large number of students enrolled as per their financial crisis.

T-Mobile Company shall be supporting technically to the schools and homes for the initialization of the process allowing them to pass round the devices and hotspots. There is flexibility for the homes to select the package.

They could either select the free facility of the hotspot and 100 GBs data package for a year, or they can have 100 GBs for $12 per month,

It is obvious that the 100 GBs data limit is not enough for the students that require the frequent use of YouTube, Zoom, and various other video streaming websites for their learning process.

For minimizing this issue, the T-Mobile company has set up a low video stream quality of 480p, which shall be more effective and reliable under the low data package circumstance. In addition to this, the company has also restricted the hotspots availability which shall be given release year after year, allocating more for the better use.

There would be an immediate break out of the internet as soon as the 365 days are completed or the 100 GBs package ends. This would require another registration and initialization process to utilize the facility once again.

However, the fact cannot be denied that due to this package, the students will not be forced to accomplish their homework and assignments by wandering in different restaurants in order to approach for the free Wi-Fi access.