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The Best CDN in Terms of Price/Quality or How To jump off Amazon

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Benefits of Using It

Learn how are the top CDN providers exploiting you, stop wasting your funds on the overpriced infrastructure, and find the cheapest/best content delivery network service. 

With every passing day, the required quantity of data traffic is steadily increasing in size, while the rate per GB/TB is going down. Nevertheless, the top CDN providers are not so eager to lower costs for their clients.

Content delivery network pricing is becoming a prevalent problem in today’s market, and many are searching for cheaper CloudFront alternatives. Some of the issues that persist are:

  • Top CDN services offer only long-term contracts as an individual package
  • Instead of lowering their rate, they offer an increased number of TB
  • The price of TB in Asia is way higher than in America or Europe.
  • There are almost no options without long-term contracts, subscription fees, or one single rate

Benefits of Using It

Benefits of Using It
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This way, the whales are giving more TB as an alleged benefit, but are continuously taking a lot more money than they’re supposed to from their clients. Customers don’t know, but the rules of the game in the market have long changed.

CDN pricing comparisons are appalling – the ‘best’ CDN services are just looking for your money, and they’re giving little in return. AWS and its cloud competitors are the main culprits. They’re perceived as the best CDN service providers while, for a prolonged period, their only strategy is to maximize income from gullible and oblivious clients.

A lot of money can be saved with a cheaper CDN, and you should never stop looking for the most affordable content delivery network service.

It becomes even more alarming when you notice that the top CDN providers are building entire ecosystems to prevent you from leaving their overpriced services. You’re most probably familiar with a lot of completely not needed functions in their products.

You have also probably experienced complicated billing methods where you’re forced to pay for even the smallest things. For example, take numerous Amazon invoices, where no one knows what and why something costs that much.

This is done to justify the cost of service and prevent customers from leaving, under the guise of a fair and complete product.

Limits of Modern Business Industry

Modern Business Industry

As time passes, more and more options are created by like-minded people who do not let the institutions decide for them. The free digital market is not comforting with any rules, just as the modern business industry is not suffering limits and conditions.

Sharing systems and billing methods that are easy to navigate became the foundation of the B2C sector, and this principle is coming into the B2B. Customers like transparency and the real best CDN services stop at nothing short of giving the buyers just that.

The fastest, cheapest, most affordable content delivery network services are not the most popular ones – remember that.

In the coming WEB 3.0 era, data traffic should be more accessible, billing systems simple and not time-consuming, and corporations transparent, including the best content delivery network providers. It is all plain and clear: the amount of TB required should be paid per fixed tariff without long-term contracts and geographical limitations.

In business, everything is about trust, and it’s not an agreement signed by an army of lawyers, but building a comfortable working environment, and, most importantly, openness and availability to the client. And, that’s what the best CDN services should provide.

Range and Future Possibilities

Future Possibilities

Going from this position, BlazingCDN comes as one of the most prospective and reliable CloudFront alternatives and as the best CDN in terms of price/quality, offering a wide range of intriguing possibilities that include:

  • Affordable budget CDN pricing for TBs (very lucrative if you’re looking for cheaper CDN)
  • Lower rate for your existing data amount
  • Single Global price
  • 200% percent global New-Gen high-performance availability
  • No contracts and hidden fees
  • 24/7 expert support
  • Special price for large data traffic buyers

Also, you can send us any bill from Amazon CloudFront, Google CDN, Akamai, CDN77, or another CDN and get discounted volume pricing of up to 80%.

We take personal care of our clients, providing them with the maximum asset of tools required. On our website, you can use the calculator feature, which gives you the accurate CDN costs expected.

Customers reaching out to us have a perfect understanding of how much they could save if they choose an alternative solution. Or, if they decide to find out how much are they losing on monthly basis using solutions provided by top content delivery network corporations.

Our belief in full transparency with our client is reflected in our willingness to discuss individual pricing plans that do not even exist on the website, depending on the amount of data traffic required.

Coming from this, our clients are guaranteed cheap, affordable, and the very best CDN service.

It’s the basic logical solution – a larger quantity of data traffic, a lesser cost for 1TB.