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5 of the Best Office Workflow Apps

The way we conduct business in offices is not the same as it once was. Most of the reasons for that are technology-related. There are now apps that let us do things digitally that we could once only do in-person.

This has grown particularly critical because of Covid-19. Many businesses that once had office space have gone completely digital thanks to apps and proprietary platforms. It seems likely that some of them won’t go back to the old way of doing things, even once we develop a coronavirus vaccine.

Let’s look at some of the most groundbreaking workflow apps that are shaking up the business world.

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Process Street

There are some apps that you can only use with specific product lines. For instance, there are Office 365 apps that won’t work with other subscription services. Keep that in mind as you peruse some of the following products.

The name of the first one we looked at is Process Street. This is an app that uses many different templates to speed up and simplify your workflow. The features include:

If you have a production floor, this is an app that you can use to do item maintenance there. Your HR can use it to onboard new employees or interview a prospect. The price tag on this app is $12.50-$25 per user per month.


LucidChart is an app that you can use to think through and map out various business processes. If you work with org charts, flowcharts, or product specs a lot, then this is ideal for you. It includes:

You can set up a command chain with it based on whatever process model you want. Then, you factor in any contingencies that might occur. You can then share the diagrams that you create with your team or clients.

It also has AI integration, so it learns about your organization and suggests action courses to you. It costs between $4.95 and $27 per month, depending on which features you want and how many individuals there are in your company.

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Workflow management is easy with the Asana app. It is a task management aid that’s all about streamlining complicated processes. It breaks project management down to simple terms, so your whole team is on the same page with their tasks.

Some features include:

This is a worker central hub that lets you see your backlog, what’s ready to do, what’s in progress, and what you have finished. Everything is color-coded, which is handy. There is a free version or one with more features that costs $19.99 per month.


Trello is an app that uses what people call Kanban boards. These boards are an easy way for you to see company tasks and their status. Moving from one job to another is essential workflow management, so this might be a suitable option for you.

The features include:

With this app, you also get drag-and-drop functionality and progress charts. There are also labels and tags that are simple to learn how to use. There is a free version of this as well, and a beefed-up option that costs $9.99 per month per user.

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Finally, there is ClickUp, an app that provides you with a flexible, intuitive task management system. There are several viewpoints through which you can access your work, making this one of the most customizable task management systems. Some features are:

This is an excellent platform for multiple assignees to use at the same time. The toolbar is ideal for multitasking, and you can create checklists that you can update whenever a task status changes. There’s a free version or a more detailed one that costs $17 per month.

Whichever one of these you choose, it seems evident that workflow apps are here to stay. You can choose the one that fits your needs, or else you can create your own if you have the money and developers to do so.

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