The SEAT is Introducing Their First E-Scooter. Here’s What You Need to know

    SEAT presents its electric scooter, the first motorcycle in the company’s history. It was during the ninth edition of the Smart City Expo World Congress in Barcelona, ​​where the Spanish manufacturer has shown its concept of electric motorcycle that will arrive in 2020.

    With this motorcycle, they have unveiled a new version of its electric scooter and explained the creation of a new business unit focused on urban mobility solutions.

    The SEAT e-Scooter is a 100% electric motorcycle, with a power equivalent to 125 cc motorcycles and a maximum speed of 100 kilometres per hour. For its realization, the Volkswagen Group brand has partnered with the Barcelona manufacturer Silence, specialized in this field.

    These are all the details of the new SEAT e-Scooter, one of the vehicles that mark this new SEAT strategy regarding mobility in the city.

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    The SEAT e-Scooter is an electric motorcycle concept that will go on sale next year. It has a 7kW motor of nominal power, with peaks of 11kW (14.8CV). It is the equivalent of a 125 cc motorcycle, so you can drive with the A1 car license or with a B permit and three years old.

    We have a maximum torque of 240 Nm and a maximum speed of 100 kilometres per hour. For this speed, we have a specialized Sport mode, although the usual thing will be to travel in the city at lower speeds. Regarding acceleration, SEAT reports that it will be able to reach 50 km / h in just 3.8 seconds.

    According to the WMTC test, the e-Scooter will have a range of 115 kilometres, a range lower than what we have seen in some recent electric scooters such as the Super SOCO CPx.

    The motorcycle battery can be removed and charged at home or in public chargers. The estimated cost of this charge will be 0.7 euros per 100 kilometres. Despite the collaboration with Silence, with the Molins de Rei plant (Barcelona), the e-Scooter has been manufactured as if it were a new motorcycle.

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    Its design stands out for a low front, minimal LED headlights and a space for two occupants. Under the seat, there is space to store two helmets.

    It is a connected motorcycle, so users can track the level of charge or location of the motorcycle through a mobile application. For this new SEAT e-Scooter, there is still no price, although its marketing has been confirmed for 2020. Following the price of the Silence S01 of 6,250 euros, the new SEAT model could be at a similar price level.

    Source: SEAT


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