This One-Stop TV Guide Has Just Expanded Globally

    While the major streaming services, such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Apple TV are based in the U.S., we thought it was high time that we looked at streaming services in other parts of the world.

    There’s no shortage of streaming options in the UK right now, including the aforementioned services. But there are also some exclusive to the UK. Here, our TV & streaming guide provides a few options for those in the UK who are looking beyond what they can find on terrestrial television.



    Disney’s new streaming service offers up a large range of popular content, such as movies from Pixar, and movies and shows from Marvel. Of course, you can expect to see Disney’s very own shows and spin-offs, and Disney+ originals like Lady and the Tramp. There’s even National Geographic.

    The price isn’t bad at all, and the platform features a user-friendly interface, with tiles and content organised into categories to make finding what you want especially easy. If your TV is compatible, you can watch from the Disney+app directly.

    Some LG and Samsung TVs already have the app, and there are more TVs with the app pre-installed to come. There are also apps for almost all game consoles and streaming devices.

    Sky On Demand

    Much of the output from Sky is broadcast programming, straight from a satellite dish. However, there’s also a great deal of programmes and movies that are only available to stream or download, either from the Sky Go app or on the Sky box.

    Some of the SKY TV on demand content is available in 4k, but only through the Sky Q box. There are approximately 1,000 hours of entertainment from multiple Sky channels, including numerous box sets.


    Netflix offers a ridiculously wide range of shows and movies, including many original shows or those that you can only watch on their platform.

    There are three plans available, ranging from £5.99 to £11.99 per month, with the most expensive option allowing its content to be viewed on four screens, and in HD or 4k.

    While there’s no free trial available in the UK, the interface is straightforward. You don’t find better drama than you do in The Crown, and then there’s the enormously successful Stranger Things to add to the mix.


    As indicated by the name, this is where you can expect to find a lot of British content. In fact, the company insists you will find more British boxsets here than anywhere else.

    Excluding family content, there’s a total of 289 box sets here, compared to 162 box sets of British shows on Netflix. So far, the available programmes are classic shows.

    Dr Who fans will be especially pleased, with more than 600 episodes included. Original programming is expected to follow, however. Like with other services, no adverts are shown, which is a welcome change from when watching the shows when originally seen on terrestrial television.

    Parts of the interface could certainly do with improvement, however, such as the A-Z screen that can be slow to navigate.


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