Top 3 Spy Apps for Your Smart Devices in 2020

    Spy apps are often known as monitoring apps, tracking apps, or parental control apps, etc. In this digital era, these spy apps serve a great deal of assistance to parents or guardians and employers. For instance, parents use these apps to monitor, track, or trace the digital existence of their children to safeguard their well-being.

    Likewise, employers often consider using these apps to monitor the online activities of their employees during working hours and for official purposes.

    It is important to note that these apps require the consent of the device user before their phone could be monitored. Even though these apps are legitimate, they are still open to a debate regarding their ethical implications.

    We have selected three popular and expert-recommended top spy apps to compare and identify the best among the best to crown it as a top spy app in 2020.

    The top three apps in the battle for the top slot are:

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    XNSPY is one of the most popular spy apps in the market. Let’s look more into it.


    XNSPY is compatible with all Android versions running on versions 4.0 and above. For iOS, the app supports all versions above iOS 6.0.

    Plans & Pricing

    There are two different subscription versions available with this app.

    • Basic version: It offers a limited set of features and costs $4.99/month with a year’s subscription. 
    • Premium version: It includes all the features available with XNSPY. It costs $7.49/month with a year’s subscription. 


    Call Recording & Monitoring

    The app can monitor all calls made to and from a user’s devices. A complete call log, detailing all incoming, outgoing, and missed calls is also accessible along with date, time, and duration. Xnspy also records all calls automatically so you could listen to them later.

    Text Messages Monitoring


     XNSPY can track all sent and received messages. Messages exchanged via social media, and instant messaging are also accessible.

    Content Control and Filtering

    Explicit, violent video gaming, or gambling sites—it can block the content as per your instructions.

    Web or App Browsing Tracking & Control

    XNSPY monitors all online activities such as bookmarked pages, complete web browsing history, browser extensions, and all emails.

    Controlling Social Media Access

    With XNSPY, you can read instant messages and even view photos on select IM apps such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Kik, WhatsApp, and many more while the app’s control system lets you view or block installed apps.

    Managing Remote Access

    XNSPY can give you remote access to a phone’s microphone. You can also take screenshots to see what is happening on the phone. Further, you can lock the device, wipe off data, and can remote access to the multimedia files stored on their device. You can relocate or delete the files.

    Managing Screen Time

    With XNSPY, you can somehow manage the screen time. You can remotely lock the device to restrict the screen time further. But this depends merely on guesswork as Xnspy won’t provide you with your kids’ daily screen time details.

    Instant Alerts


    You can add specific words, phrases, contacts, or locations to the app’s watch list, and XNSPY will send you an instant alert if there is any relevant activity.

    Location Tracking

    XNSPY gives some smart ways of geolocating as well as geofencing features.

    Statistical Activity Analysis

    With XNSPY, get exclusive analytical reports for a clear picture of the user’s online activities.

    App Use and Management

    The app serves all Android, jailbreak, or no-jailbreak devices. Some features require rooting and cloud access.



    Flexispy is also a renowned monitoring app that offers a wide array of features to keep track of the target devices and users.


    Flexispy is compatible with all versions of Android above 4.0.3 and all iOS devices running on versions 6.0 and above.

    Plans and Pricing:

    Flexispy offers three different subscription packages.

    The Lite Version: It offers the bare-minimum features, and costs USD 29.95/month.

    The Premium Version: It offers a better range of essential features available with the app, available at USD 149/month.

    The Extreme Version: It offers a full list of functions and costs USD 349/ month.


    Call Recording and Monitoring

    Parents or employers can use Flexispy to monitor all calls made to and from the phone. This data is available in the call logs section. Moreover, you can listen to or record phone calls. Calls made via VoIP apps can be accessed as well.

    Text Message Monitoring

    This function allows viewing all sent and received text and instant messages. An SMS containing a pre-specified word can also be blocked. The spoof-SMS feature lets you send an SMS to any contact saved on the device.

    Online Activity Monitoring

    The app can track all the online activities such as bookmarked URLs, browsing history, and emails. You can also access settings in browsers to limit functions.

    Location Tracking

    Flexispy monitors the location of the device. The app also provides a geofencing functionality.

    Media File Access

    Get access to all video, audio, and image files stored on the phone.

    Remote Commands and Control

    Take screenshots, turn on the microphone, and monitor app activity remotely. You can also restart the phone and restrict the installation or uninstallation of the app.

    Instant Notifications

    With this function, Flexispy will closely track specified locations, contacts, or words and notify you of all relevant activities.

    App Use and Management

    The app serves all android and jailbroken iOS devices. Some features require rooting and cloud access.

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    Screen Time

    Screen Time serves is a parental control available that has vast features to control the screen time habits of your children.



    Screen Time is available for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Android, and Kindle Fire.

    Plans and Pricing

    Screen Time offers three different subscription packages:

    Basic: It is a free version with limited monitoring functionalities.

    Premium: It offers all essential features, mostly for Android, available at USD 6.99/month.


    Call Recording and Monitoring

    Screen Time does not offer call monitoring and tracking.

    Text Message Monitoring

    Screen Time does not offer text messages or instant messages monitoring and tracking.

    Online Activity Monitoring

    The app can track all the browsing activities such as bookmarked URLs, browsing history, and emails. You can also access settings in browsers to limit functions. This feature is available for Android only.

    Location Tracking

    Screen Time can monitor the location of a device though. You may get an alert when your child arrives or leaves a specific location.

    Media File Access

    It does not offer monitoring or access to the media files stored on the phone. But, it offers control over the usage of apps for Android only. You can also temporarily cancel all restrictions with the fair play feature.

    Remote Commands and Control

    It doesn’t offer you remote access.

    Instant Notifications

    With this function, Screen Time alerts about specified locations, contacts, or words and notify you of all relevant activities.


    You will get a summary of the target device’s activities in an email.

    App Use and Management

    The app is compatible mostly with Android.

    Final Verdict

    Screen Time serves very limited features and exclusively aids parents to control children’s devices. Its many features do not support other than Android devices. However, Flexispy and XNSPY with a little margin serve a more or less same range of purposes, except, Flexispy is quite an expensive spy app with no solution for non-jailbroken iOS devices whereas XNSPY is compatible with all.

    We can safely grant the top slot to XNSPY for its wide range of monitoring and tracking features at reasonable pricing and all-around compatibility.


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