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Top 5 Twitch Streamers to Follow In 2024?

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The gaming world has gained popularity in recent years due to the advancement in technology. This has created many platforms where people can access the gaming experience and earn from it. People have developed their skills in creating video games, which are compliant with gamers. This has led to numerous competition between brands as well as gamers.

Twitch is a platform that has concentrated in gaming where people can stream their skills of gaming so that anyone who is interested can watch. It has been able to catch the audience’s interest where it has gained numerous following as compared to other related platforms. It has also helped expand the entertainment field by bringing a new experience.

This has marked a change in the gaming industry where you can access it online, making it convenient and cheap. However, some people have thrived well in Twitch streaming. Here are the top five Twitch Streamers to follow in 2020

1)            Ninja

Ninja on twitch

Video games come in different types, designs, and brands. It all depends on what suits you best as a gamer. Here, you can engage as an amateur or on professional levels. The mode that you use in playing determines the level of experience in gaming you will gain on a particular game.

You might consider checking for the best laptops for live streaming to advance your skills in gaming. In this case, Ninja has gained popularity as the most followed person on Twitch. He is a professional gamer who has mainly concentrated on playing particular games that pose the same theme.

This has given him a good rank in the entertainment world, making him gain commendations. He has also made partnerships with several advertising companies.

2)            Shroud

Shroud twitch streamer

For you to gain higher ranks in a Twitch platform, you must have a great experience in gaming. This includes a variety of games that have gained popularity. Shroud has proven to be the best gamer by coming second after Ninja.

This Canadian gamer, by the name Michael, takes more than forty hours a gaming per week. He has also made some partnerships with advertisement companies that offer great deals due to his strong influence. This way, he can thrive in both financial status as well as the entertainment industry.

He also offers ideas on how to tackle other games to the audience who have an interest in his gaming skills.

3)            Myth

As a gamer, there are various platforms that you can showcase your skills in gaming. However, Twitch has been able to outstand more than the other platforms. This is because it is easy to access and dwell as a streamer.

You only require having the best equipment that can help stream effectively. For instance, you require a steady internet connection, gaming gadgets, and a good taste of games. Myth has been one of the youngest players to join Twitch, which has enabled him to influence a good number of audience.

Similar to Ninja, he is dealing with games that have a similar theme. This way, he can gain more skills in a particular game and share his skills with the viewers. He has also made collaboration with brands for various promotions on his site.

4)            Tfue

Twitch is a platform like any other, except that it deals mainly in gaming. Therefore, the more audience you have, the higher the chances of you getting high ranks. This implies that your content is relevant to the audience.

This way, you will be ranked higher, and you will get a chance to do collaborations with online advertising companies, which is a good way of earning a living. Tfue is a professional gamer who joins the list of the most followed Twitch Streamers. According to research carried out by Twitch, Tfue is one of the fastest growing online streamers.

He has been linked with popular games, especially those that the audience wants to gain more experience as professionals. His influence on the audience has helped him use his skills in earning a living through promotions of brands similar to other players.

5)            Summit1G

Matters concerning gaming require dedication for you to gain more experience. You will require sacrificing more time so that you can keep a connection with your audience. This way, it will be easy for your site to grow and gain viewers.

Summit1G is a professional gamer who has a wide range of experience in many types of games. The most popular one is that of Call of duty when he has managed to maintain the third position. He has also made partnerships with brands for promotions.