Top Tech Trends for Cutting-Edge Events

    Almost three-quarters of all events planners plan to continue to employ digital strategies to maintain their virtual audience once physical events are back in full swing and up to full size — as found in research undertaken by EventMB (2020).

    From hybrid events to fully virtual conferences, scannable tickets to facial recognition, technology is changing the face of the industry, with a strong emphasis on safety, speed, and efficiency. What are the latest trends in the sector and how can they help brand your event as innovative and future-forward?

    Live Streamed and Hybrid Events: The Best of Both Worlds

    The year 2020 brought the practicality of live-streamed events such as weddings to the fore, with CNN reporting that some weddings were attended by up to 700 people or more at a time in which couples were having small, intimate celebrations.

    GoogleMeets, Zoom, and Joy are just a few examples of software that enable couples to prioritize safety while enabling them to share their special moment with friends and family from abroad or other states.

    The wedding industry has also adopted innovations such as digital invitations and RSVP apps. Some couples are opting for robotic assistants that take photographs of guests. These high-tech helpers have a screen that enables guests to share chosen images via social media platforms.

    As the world returns to normality, couples and event organizers are continuing to embrace hybrid events as a way to save money while reaching a greater number of people.

    Radio Frequency and Facial Recognition

    QR codes have done plenty to make ticket recognition faster and more efficient but radio frequency identification (RFID) takes things up a notch by replacing the need for tickets at all.

    Visitors simply wear a tiny chip in a dedicated bracelet or badge, which can be quickly scanned and therefore enable organizers to avoid long queues. Equally useful is facial recognition, which is being used in high-end events to automate entries while also reducing physical contact.

    Artificial Intelligence 

    ai artificial intelligence

    Artificial intelligence (AI) is enabling marketing teams from events companies to analyze vast amounts of data so as to personalize event features to attendees. As such, companies can use the information obtained to suggest events to particular customers, create personalized timetables for people attending events with various talks or worships taking place simultaneously, and offer customized presents to attendees.

    AI is also playing a vital role in helping attendees find their way around events and discover an event’s full schedule via chatbots. 

    Immersive Experiences

    Virtual Reality

    At events such as trade shows, Virtual and Augmented Reality (VR and AR) are enabling companies to connect with potential clients in a more dynamic manner. Headsets are being provided to visitors to company stands, for instance, so that visitors can discover more about specific products and services.

    VR and AR enable companies to share basic information with guests. Those who are interested in learning more can then speak in person with attending representatives.

    The year 2020 may have posed great challenges for the events sector but it has also sped up the adoption of technologies that are revolutionizing the sector. Live Streamed events, radiofrequency and Facial Recognition, and AI are just a few technologies that are making events more efficient and speedier.

    Immersive experiences, meanwhile,  are enabling customers to understand a company’s products and services in a much more realistic, dynamic manner than can be achieved by video presentations.


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