4 Useful & Easy Tips For Buying Bulk Flash Drives

    If you have stumbled here while looking for buying tips for bulk flash drives, then you have come to the right place. We understand how overwhelming the process of buying bulk flash drives can be, therefore we have gathered useful suggestions to assist you in buying drives with ease and convenience.

    See the Usage

    When you are going to buy bulk flash drives, you would have to decide a number of the drives you would be purchasing from the market. For that, you will have to first establish the primary use of the flash drives.

    You will have to see what purpose you need them for. Maybe you are buying them for marketing purposes or perhaps you need them for your office employees. Or maybe you want a giveaway item for your clients when you make your first client pitch.

    Thus, there can be several reasons for buying flash drives in bulk, and your decision of quantity would vary depending upon the reasons.

    Decide the Storage Requirement

    Bulk Flash Drives

    There are all types of USBs available in the market with different storage capacities. From as small as 512 Mbs to massive 32Gbs, you can find any size in the market depending upon your requirement.

    So when you go for bulk USB shopping, you must first decide what size you need, and that can be established by looking at the reason you are buying them for.

    If you have a plan of utilizing the USBs for gaming purposes, then buying the drive with maximum capacity is usually the best idea. But, if you are going to be using them for personal use or buying them in bulk to give away as a gift to your client or employees, the normal storage size would be enough.

    Check the Speed of the Flash Drive

    If you are spending a significant amount on flash drives, you must make sure to buy the USB with the right transfer speed. Currently, you would come across two kinds of flash drives in the market, USB 2.0 and USB 3.0. The first one offers a transfer speed of 60 megabits per second while the second offers 640 megabits per second, much faster than the USB 2.0.

    As you can clearly see the difference in the rate of the transfer each USB type makes, therefore you need to make sure you are purchasing the right flash drives bulk.

    See the Hardware Compatibility

    Bulk Flash Drive

    Each USB flash drive shares specific compatibility with the hardware you are using it on. Although many USBs can easily work on all types of systems, there are still chances of their underutilization. Many laptops and computers have only one type of port, supporting only one type of USB, either 2.0 or 3.0.

    So if you do not check the compatibility and insert a 3.0 USB in a 2.0 port, the transfer rate of the data would be that of USB 2.0 because of the 2.0 port, resulting in a waste of your money that you spent on buying the USB 3.0.


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