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Value Of Instagram Photos To Cover Up Email Marketing Well These Days

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There are times when you actually wish that you can automatically share some of the happy snaps from Instagram based account with subscribers. Other times, you just want to enhance the value of your newsletters with hash tags followed by the word.

With the help of Web Instagram and even the notion behind RSS to Email, there are high chances for you to pull a feed of the photos right into the email content. There are so many ways to do that and you can catch it up all right now.

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Adding the IG photos in the email campaigns:

Bringing in IG to the inbox always proves to be hot session that you have been working on for quite some time now. Right now, Instagram is always noted to be a tragic platform, where no outing or entrée can easily go unrecorded.

So, this notion of just sharing the heavy filtered moments through email is always something that you might find to be quite irresistible over here for sure.

During previous times, the issue that might have prevented senders from pulling in the pictures automatically was that IG failed to offer the right RSS feed from either the hash tags or accounts.

But, you are cordially invited to take help of the free to use services, which only Webstagram is able to offer you with. With the help of these feeds, you can always just pull in the descriptions, images and even links to the image. After that, you can do the honor of placing them right in the templates over here.

For the RSS feed for account:


It is really important for you to procure the RSS feed for the hash tag or account, as soon you can without wasting time. Webstragram is here to offer you with two feed URLs, designed for hash tags and accounts in a respective manner. There are some noted and following formats available for the same now.

  • These URLs are known to work in a rather effective manner in an RSS reader as they might do so in the email campaigns, at the same time.
  • Once you are sure to have gotten the content, it is time to move on to the right placing of it in the said email campaign for now.

Time to use IG photos in recurring email campaign:

You should start this procedure with some added photos to the recurring RSS campaign. This is the initial step for you to consider and also an easy way for you to ensure that the images get pulled into email templates. It is also proven to be one great way to share pictures n an automatic manner and right on regular basis.

  • To help you get started in this sector, you need to create one campaign and select the option stated “Recurring RSS campaign” while promoting.
  • After that, it is important to add the feed URL under the address of the website. All the recent photos will then get pulled in.
  • Remember that if you haven’t taken any new pictures during daily, monthly or weekly period between these recurring campaigns, then a campaign won’t get send.
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Using the IG photos with one click based content:


In case, you are well associated with the code, it is always a rather simple task for you to add that RSS content section to the promising email template and get to take good advantage of the one-click based content functionality over here.

For better understanding in this regard, you have to present an abridged snippet from the examples of campaigns, widely available online these days for sure. These examples might also feature some of the template tags well.

  • There are high chances for you to pull the Webstagram based RSS feed through the help of multiple mail editors that the market has in store for you.
  • Another point for you to note is that the one click content is rather a great way to add the photos to the email campaign in a rapid manner.
  • If you are trying to add some of the candid IG shots that the customers might have taken on any recent event or conference, it can easily help in highlighting the IG account you own.
  • On the other hand, if you are actually interested you might end up adding some filters into photos that you might like and don’t like from within email editor over here.

This year calls for adding IG photos to email:

The year 2019 came along with a lot of surprises. One such is to add IG promotion to the emails, which is not that easy for you to upload like uploading photos from a PC or any other host device. There are some simple steps involved in this section and you are always invited to go through the same for immediate help now.

  • This form of photo uploading session is known to use the support service from some of the third party software examples like Webstagram.
  • If you are planning to use some other options like Mixmax Chrome Extension or Gmail, then you are making other worthwhile option too. It helps in adding that importance of embedding IG photos as well as host of other tracking and email templates.
  • Another important resource to add the IG posts to the email is through the proper use of Pixlee. It helps in adding photos and can further create entire email based campaigns around the same like the contests or giveaways.

These are some of the simple ways in which you can use the value of IG photos to work wonderfully with the email marketing campaign sessions.

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Karen Anthony is a Business Tech Analyst. She always here to talk about the ways you can address Instagram photos into email marketing campaign. She took some advices from Gramista as well.