How Vane Vacuum Pumps Transformed the Food Industry

    Vacuum pumps have transformed multiple industries ranging from aviation to manufacturing. However, one industry where it has the biggest impact is food. For instance, vane pumps for food processing have led to lower costs across the food industry. Below is a detailed analysis of how vane vacuum pumps transformed the food industry. 

    1. They are Used When Filling Bottles

    When enjoying a beer, soda, or even bottled-water, we rarely pay attention to the process that was involved in the processing and getting the drink to you. For that drink to get to you, one of the technologies employed is the vane vacuum pump.

    These pumps are used in the beer bottle filling process, specifically in keeping the residual oxygen content levels at acceptable levels. In this process, beer bottles are passed through a tube where they are flushed with carbon dioxide in a process that is optimized by a vacuum pump.

    The goal is to cut down on carbon dioxide consumption, while also extracting a majority of the oxygen. Without this technology, you probably would not enjoy a cool bottle of beer on a lazy weekend afternoon, or it just wouldn’t feel the same.

    2. They are Used in the Processing of Edible Oils and Fats


    One of the most critical steps in the manufacture of edible oils and fats is deodorizing. This step is critical because, edible oils and fats tend to develop an odor when exposed to air. To get rid of this smell, the oils and fats are passed through vane pumps.

    Besides getting rid of bad odor from oils and fats, modern vane pumps do so in a cost-effective manner. This means that, the costs passed on to the consumer are negligible. Every time you enjoy food prepared with some nice looking and odorless fats or oils, just know that it is all thanks to vane vacuum pump technologies.

    3. They are Applied in Milk Processing 

    One of the most important considerations in milk processing is hygiene. The process has to be as free of contaminants as possible. To achieve this goal, vacuum pumps are used to prevent particles from holding to pipes and mixing with the milk.

    Still, in the milk industry, vacuum pumps are useful in the milking process industry. In this process, vacuum pumps are used to hold the milking system onto the cow. This is advantageous over other systems because it is free of contaminants and is easy to maintain.

    4. They are Used in Poultry Processing 


    In poultry processing, vane vacuum pumps are used to marinate pans, and cookers, as well as in the conveyancing process after slaughter. The goal is to ensure that the consumers get their chicken in the most hygienic conditions possible. On top of that, they make it possible for this to happen in a low-cost environment.

    It is a win-win process. Both the consumer and the poultry industry players are big winners, all thanks to vacuum pump technologies. The best part is that, these pumps are readily available. A company like Provac, distributes these pumps all across the world.


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