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3 Ways Technology is Improving Our Sleep Quality

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The way we sleep may be one of the latest ways that technology has improved our lives, but it is certainly not the last. For that matter, technology seemingly continues to improve our ability to get a good night’s sleep, and for good reason.

Sleep is one of the most important factors in our health and longevity. Now that there is so much awareness over the benefits of sleep on health and wellness – technology is speeding up to come out with the best and latest products.

Here are three different ways that technology is improving our sleep quality – and what that means for you.

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Technology Support For Better Sleep

Technology is rushing to meet the demands for a good night’s sleep. It can be hard to keep up with, there are so many things that affect our sleep every day, that it can be tough to come up with inventions for every factor, and harder yet to come up with them affordably and accessible for the average person.

Technology innovation and research are also focused on one major factor in every industry: environmental sustainability. Mattresses are known to be one of the worst purchases we make when it comes to the environment, and many mattress companies are racing to push the bar higher on sustainability when it comes to sourcing materials and manufacturing our mattresses.

Here are three examples of the technological advancements that technology and mattress companies are coming out with today.

3 Ways Technology Is Improving Our Sleep Quality

Sleep App Tracker

Sleep app trackers are changing the way that we approach how we get a good night’s sleep. For some of us, we may believe that our sleep is sufficient when it actually is not. It is hard to tell what stage of your sleep cycle you are in the most, and if you are getting sufficient amounts of every kind of sleep for healthy brain function and productivity.

More confusing still is that there are no one-size-fits-all sleep requirements, so it can be hard to gauge just how much sleep you need to be healthy.

Thankfully, sleep app trackers have come around to help us with that. The best ones use a sensor that we wear while we sleep to help track our circadian rhythm. Some apps even approach this like a scientist would when conducting a sleep study.

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Mattress Development

King Size Mattress

Mattresses are developing all kinds of new features all the time, which can lead to improvements in our sleep. One of our favorite examples is the signature mattress from Purple, which uses a patented technology made of hyper-elastic polymer.

This polymer disperses weight evenly while also allow for pressure points to indent into the mattress, allowing for a perfectly aligned spine that aids in health and longevity.

A whole new material was invented for this mattress, which is cool. Inventors and innovators take your sleep and health very seriously.

While Purple may be an extreme example, Mattress’s research and development are happening at every company to stay relevant. Improvements such as individually-wrapped coils make innerspring and hybrid mattresses quieter, for instance.

Environmental Management

Mattresses have come a long way on comfortability and supportiveness, so researchers are now turning their attention to the environments in which we sleep in, rather than the mattresses themselves.

Think about it, so many times when we are woken up or get a poor night’s sleep, it has to do with our environment. Often, our mattress has very little to do with why we kept waking up in the middle of the night.

There are a few different factors in our environment that technology is now coming out to help us manage:


Blackout curtains are great and all, but they don’t open when we need to wake up, making it difficult to rise naturally. There are now curtains that are programmable with smart home devices that will open and close due to your body’s natural circadian rhythm, your schedule, when the sun is coming up, etc.

If the sun isn’t out, there are also smart lamps called happy lamps that mimic the sun’s natural UV rays that can be programmed to turn on at the right time to wake you up gently and peacefully.


White noise machines are getting better and better at producing sound to help you sleep and drown out annoying sounds. There are even apps you can download on your phone that will work perfectly.


From cooling mattresses to hydro-powered cooling mattress pads, temperature regulation is a major part of keeping us sleeping soundly.

Air Quality

Humidifiers, De-Humidifiers, and Air Purifiers are becoming more popular than ever. Studies are showing that breathing clean air helps us get a great night’s sleep.

Final Thoughts

Getting sound sleep is the best way to improve our health, and there are many factors outside of mattresses that help us get the best sleep of our lives. When you invest in a quality mattress, it is so important to address all the other little factors that affect your sleep, as well.

Thankfully, technology is helping us accomplish that more easily, improve our sleep quality, and have a better life.