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Top 7 Ways to Enhance Your Instagram Stories and Make the Most Out of Them

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If you’re familiar with Snapchat, you may have participated in one of its reactive, interactive, and stunning features are known as ‘Stories.’ These stories are opportunities that allow you to share all the moments of your daily life and not just the ones you’d wish to post on your profile.

Well, Instagram has a similar feature that many people have grown fond of because it allows them to share multiple photos and videos which appear in a slideshow pattern. 

With more than half a billion users posting different content on their stories daily, the network has become a significant hub for showcasing a lot of information.

These stories vanish after about 24 hours, and therefore, people do their best to capture the attention of a large audience within that short period. So, how can you enhance your Instagram Stories and make the most out of them? 

1. Optimize the Quality of Your Posts.

If you’re posting photos, your content needs to be clear and engaging enough to capture the attention of your audience. It doesn’t matter whether you have an exciting story to tell, if your post forces someone to squint their eyes, then they’d rather swipe to the next one. How do you optimize your content?

a.  Take Excellent Photos and Videos.

Your pics should be unique, exciting, and clear enough to win over the attention of your viewers. Also, you don’t need an expensive camera or excellent editing skills to post good content. You can make use of the filters provided to adjust your photos, making them more unique than their original versions. 

a.  Don’t Forget About the Color.

The color of the pics is often a factor that many Instagram users tend to ignore. Studies have shown that color plays an essential role in seducing the attention of your viewers. Reddish tones seem to be more eye-catching as compared to greenish and bluish ones. 

2.   Stories Have a Beginning, Middle, and End.

instgram stories

We’ve all heard different stories at some point in our lives, depending on your definition of one. Whether it is a real or fictional story, they all have a similar format that makes them what they are: the beginning, the middle/body, and finally, the end.

Instagram stories work better this way. Well, you don’t necessarily have to post your pics or videos in a specific sequence because you’re even allowed to throw them out there randomly. 

However, just like a story, to capture the attention of your audience, you’ll need to create a sequence in your posts. This would allow even the youngest of viewers to understand what it is you’re saying.

You can start with the end in mind by considering the point or idea you’d like to share. Afterward, you’ll need to think of the texts and images that would best relate to that idea effectively.

3.   Use Videos on Your Stories.

Photos may be easier to post on your feed, but what a video does is capture and retain the attention of your viewers for extended periods. Online video traffic has recorded a significant rise on Instagram, as many brands are switching to stories.

Many of their consumers have reported engaging with a brand only after watching a video on the network. You can incorporate your videos in the following ways.

  • GIFs
  • Hands-free recording
  • Using face filters
  • Boomerang

Using filters and different adjustment tools on your videos helps make a boring scene much more fun and engaging for the viewers. 

4.   Create a Posting Schedule.

There are specific times in which the audience to your brand or posts are more active during the day or night. Knowing the times in which your posts receive the highest activity would help you get the most engagement out of it.

You can opt to post often, whereby the consensus suggests that at least two times a day would do your content useful. Also, you need to stick to these posting times instead of randomly throwing your content onto your story. 

5.   Use Post Captions and Hashtags. 

Captions allow your viewers/followers to know what is taking place in your post and where it may be happening. They should, however, be short and precise and can also be used to direct viewers to your site or store out of the platform. Similarly, you can use trending tags that are relevant to your posts.

6.  Give your Friends and Followers Shout Outs.

Sharing moments of your life on your story means involving your followers in them. Whenever a viewer finds your post interesting, they may take it upon themselves to share it on their stories, and this could potentially enhance yours.

Similarly, you should also try to share content from your followers’ stories once in a while because this can significantly help you get more viewers. 

7.  Buy Instagram Views.

insta views

Your post is optimized, you’ve used captions and hashtags, thus creating the perfect story. However, your viewers aren’t enough, and we all know that Instagram stories are practically made for viewers.

That said, you can opt to buy real viewers from a reputable and reliable source like Instagrowing.net and increase the rate of engagement in your story. 

Pro Tip:

Remember to use your main Instagram feed posts to inform followers about your stories and their content. This way, they can catch every bit of the action in them before they automatically vanish after 24 hours.