What is a Phishing Attack, and How Can You Prevent One?

    In the vast world of the internet, you can get scammed in a lot of ways. Phishing is one of them and probably the most extensive one. If you are wondering what is a phishing attack, then I would like to educate you about this heinous crime in the following article.

    I will define phishing, and teach you how does it work, and most importantly I will tell you how to prevent it.

    Let us start with what is a phishing attack. For suppose that you are working on your laptop and you are expecting an email from a prestigious company. Now you will get an email from the said company asking you to download an attachment.

    Seemingly innocent contents of that email will make you believe that it is safe to download the contents. But the reality is quite different. Those attachment files could contain a virus that can bug your system and give the attacker access to your information.

    That is why phishing is a very serious and somewhat clever crime because it is difficult to differentiate a phishing email from a normal email. Now I won’t say that it is utterly impossible but it is indeed difficult unless you know what is phishing attack and how to stop it.

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    Definition of Phishing

    Phishing is the crime of obtaining access to someone’s private information by posing as a credible source.

    How Does Phishing Work

    In this type of crime, an attacker first downloads a phishing kit. This kit enables him to make a copy of legitimate websites. These copies look a lot like the original ones. That is why the victim can’t differentiate between them.

    After making such websites, the criminal converts the login page of these fraudulent websites into information stealing ports. When a victim tries to log in these pages his valuable information gets stolen.

    Phishing has a lot of types depending upon the way of attack. For example, the attacker can ask you to give him the information in the disguise of a reputable organization or company and you willingly hand over the information.

    Or the perpetrator may send you an email with corrupted files or malware and your system gets infected as soon as you download these files. That is why it is essential to know what is phishing so you can protect yourself from this type of attack.

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    How to Protect Yourself From Phishing?

    The first and foremost step in protecting yourself from phishing is that you avoid downloading stuff from emails unless you are 100% sure that the sender is verified. One of the common mistakes in these phishing emails is that there is some kind of grammatical or spelling error.

    So, look out for any such mistake. If there is some extraordinary offer, then don’t believe it. Be alert as soon as someone asks for your personal information. These are the personal preventions that you can opt for.

    But most of the times these personal protective measures are not enough to stop phishing. You must know what is phishing attack and install phishing protection software in your device to protect yourself from this fraudulent crime.

    You can also visit sites like for further information and prevention of phishing. They not only provide all the information you need to know about phishing. But they also provide phishing protection service with a free 60-day trial. You can avail of this trial and decide for yourself if it is worth it to buy the program.


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