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What to Expect from FIFA 23: Features and Improvements

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It is that time of year again where we are being treated to another new Fifa game. And with all the excitement of the 2027 World Cup still around, gamers are more hyped than ever for the latest installment in the popular sport franchise. 

Each new title in the Fifa series brings changes and improvements to it. And fans spend all year searching for any scraps of information about what will be included. So we have scoured the internet and compiled this list of all the rumored features and improvements in Fifa 23.

The World Cup Mode

Most of the marketing for Fifa 23 has been focused on the World Cup. This makes a lot of sense. It is the biggest football event on the planet. So it makes sense that the rumors say Fifa 23 will feature a World Cup mode.

Speculation on various forums suggests that players will be able to take any team through the World Cup in Qatar. It will be a grueling challenge to come out on top. But it will be worth it to hold the coveted trophy in your digital hands!


FIFA23 Gameplay

One of the most requested features for the Fifa series is finally rumored to be arriving in Fifa 23. Crossplay. The biggest issue for fans of the series has always been the inability to play with their friends on different consoles. But this is now an issue of the past. Players will be able to join their friends no matter what machine they are using.

Mod Support

This rumor is more directed towards the PC and Xbox versions of the game. If it is true then there will be functioning fifa 23 mods. This will be a massive change for the series and opens the game to many incredible opportunities. Fifa games have had mods in the past, but these have always been difficult to install due to the lack of support. 

Ted Lasso

A few months ago we saw a Tweet that suggested that Ted Lasso and the fictional team of AFC Richmond would be featured in the game. For those that don’t know, Ted Lasso is a popular show on Apple+ about a Football coach who takes a down-and-out team and pulls them up the ranks. Rumors suggest that players will be able to take on the role of Ted and his team in career mode. If this is true it will be an incredible addition to the game.

Women’s Football

In a first for the series players will have the ability to play as the various women’s football teams from around the world. This is something that both male and female fans have been calling for for years now. And it seems EA is finally listening. So much so that the game cover art even features a famous female player, Sam Kerr.

Technical Improvements


Each new Fifa game always features a slew of technical improvements. And with the power of modern gen consoles behind it, Fifa 23 promises to be one of the sleekest and most functional titles yet. 

The game will obviously feature improved graphics and loading times. But the rumors suggest we will also see a completely overhauled penalty system as well. The official page has revealed there is a new risk vs reward system for taking shots at the goal, which encourages players to make riskier plays during the match.

The developers have said we can expect a vastly improved ball tracking and dribbling system for both player characters and the AI. This will make the career mode much more of a challenge for players.

Wrexham FC

Back in 2020 the world was shocked when celebrities Ryan Reynolds and Rob Mcelhenney bought Wrexham FC. Since then they have slowly been improving the club in hopes of bringing it up into the major leagues. But the story of the buyout touched the hearts and souls of football fans everywhere.

This is why Fifa 23 is rumored to have Wrexham FC in the game. This would be an incredible first as usual, it is only major league teams that make it into the game. It will be fantastic to see Ted Lasso’s team face off against Ryan Reynolds. A Hollywood face-off for the ages.