How To Determine What to Tip Your Bus Rental Driver

    People hire buses because they allow them to travel together in comfort to a common destination. Once you have rented a bus, the rental company will assign the vehicle to a designated driver to take you where you are going.

    At the end of the journey, you might want to appreciate the work of the bus driver by tipping him. In fact, tipping is not a strange culture. Although some people see it as a way of showing off, it’s actually a way of expressing gratitude for a service offered to you.

    When you tip a bus driver, you are simply motivating him to keep up with the good work. The other thing is that the tip supplements the salary that they are paid by the bus rental company. Here is a list of tips that can guide you when tipping a bus driver after arriving at your destination.

    1. Consider the Driver’s Character

    Tipping is optional. After all, the driver is usually paid by the company that he works for. But as someone who appreciates quality service, you might want to express your satisfaction with a monetary gift.

    When determining the ideal amount for tipping a bus driver, your decision should be guided by the character he was from the time you boarded the bus to the time that you alighted.

    If he was a reckless driver, he doesn’t deserve to be tipped because he was putting the lives of all passengers at risk. But if he followed all traffic rules and was kind to other road users, you should tip him for being a responsible driver.

    2. Maintain a Balance

    Rental Driver

    It’s important you maintain a balance when tipping a driver. A tip that is too little is as bad as not giving him something at all. On the other hand, giving him too much can spoil him.

    If you give him more than he is paid by the bus company, he might feel there is no need for working for them. He might even squander the money on alcohol and end up in trouble.

    Remember, the objective of tipping is to motivate the driver. Ideally, you should give him no more than 10 percent of the total cost of hiring the bus.

    3. Duration of Interaction and Your Budget

    Bus Rental Driver 2020

    If you have been renting a bus from the same company repeatedly, it’s obvious that you have already built a rapport with the driver. The advantage of maintaining a relationship with such a driver is that he can help you in reserving the bus for your trip.

    It’s also possible that you meet in other events when he is not behind the wheel. If that’s the case, you should tip him with a considerable amount because he is more than just a driver that drops you to your destination.

    But even if you don’t interact with the driver often, a tip is enough to make him remember you next time. It will make him offer a service that’s beyond your expectations.

    It’s also important you consider the amount you have. The last thing you want is to run out of cash after tipping the driver. If you have a big currency note, you should ask the driver if he can get the change that you need.

    For instance, if you have a $100 note but you want to give him just $80, you should ask him whether he can get you the balance of $80 while he keeps the rest of the money.


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