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Why Linux VPS Hosting is the Best Choice?

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Linux and Windows are constant competitors. Each operating system imposes certain conditions on the operation of web hosting, endowing it with characteristic features. And, according to the general opinion of users, Linux wins in many ways.

Especially obvious advantages are shown if we are not talking about personal computers or small physical servers, but about virtual private servers (VPS). Since its appearance in the early 90s of the last century, this operating system has been repeatedly recognized as the best choice.

The reasons for this are the cost-effectiveness, flexibility, and high efficiency of Linux. Using simple examples, we suggest that you verify this statement.      

Linux Hosting: Features and Differences

A host with one of the Linux distributions, for example, Ubuntu VPS, is a server on which this system is installed as a basis for operation. The operating system is the most important software for any server. This is the foundation that allows the server to work, and exchange data with applications and users. Even a small low-power personal computer cannot work without an operating system. Well, the web server is even more so. After all, it manages the equipment of several remote users and unites them for joint data exchange. 

So that you can evaluate the role of the operating system, we will announce its main functions:

  • application operation;
  • I/O operations;
  • error detection; 
  • resource sharing. 

This is not a complete list. But even from these few points, it is clear how important it is to choose the right operating system. And now let’s talk about why many users choose Linux distributions. 

Competitive advantages of Linux

benefits of VPN

The advantages can only be evaluated in comparison. The Linux operating system has several advantages as the foundation of a virtual private server. Consider them. 


Linux and its distributions are offered to users for free, both for private and corporate use. This makes the operating system an economical choice. You do not need to buy a license, as is the case with Windows. All costs include server administration costs. 

Another advantage of Linux is that it is not so demanding on server hardware. Operating system distributions will work for 9-10 years without expensive hardware updates. Of course, something will have to be replaced. But the investment will be minimal. Although this is already the provider’s concern.

However, any hoster’s expenses necessarily affect the rental price. Therefore, the flexibility of the operating system has a positive effect on pricing. Windows is another matter. Microsoft’s operating system is resource-demanding. There are even jokes in the profile environment that Windows devours hardware and its appetite is constantly growing. For this reason, installing Linux on a server has become widespread. This solution allows both the provider and the hosting tenant to save money in the long term.


Linux is an open-source operating system. This gives it unprecedented flexibility. The administrator easily adjusts and combines the OS with different applications and software. Moreover, new packages are constantly appearing that you can receive, install, and use. Windows is another matter. This operating system has a closed code available only to Microsoft developers. This means that the administrator will not be able to change the functions. We’ll have to be content with the settings and features that we have.  

You will probably be interested to know how Linux manages to be flexible. It’s all about the block structure. This operating system consists of separate areas working as a single unit. This;

  • a core that contains basic instructions and manages critical areas – processor, memory, and so on; 
  • the loader that provides the server startup, responsible for the speed of the process; 
  • daemons (analogous to Windows processes);
  • a shell that allows the administrator to enter direct commands into the system; 
  • a desktop environment responsible for a user-friendly interface for all users (the difference from Windows is that Linux desktop themes can be replaced); 
  • package managers and packages are options that allow you to manage applications, as well as determine for each case whether another program is required for one application to work. 

Working together, all areas create a complete Linux distribution. At the same time, developers can make the necessary changes to each block. This is the flexibility of Linux and it makes it the optimal solution for web hosting. 


safe browsing

Any server is just hardware. Its security is determined by the operating system settings and additionally installed software. Linux offers a wide variety of programs and applications that allow you to strengthen the server as much as possible. And all because Linux is extremely flexible. There are many more security features that can be used than there are in the basic Windows package. This means that you can more effectively close the Linux server from penetration and attacks. 


Linux is positioned as a more reliable operating system than Windows. Windows VPS operation is accompanied by frequent reboots. Even one software update may require a full server reboot. And this is forced downtime, absolutely unacceptable for e-commerce sites, government agencies, and public registries. In the case of Linux VPS, frequent reboots are not necessary. This reduces downtime and operational and administrative costs.


Many inexperienced users think that Linux and Windows work similarly. Experienced administrators see differences not only in the graphical interface but also in the installation process. The available Linux distributions are so diverse that every user can find their own version. Including management. For inexperienced users, this is a real find. 


Until now, many novice administrators choose the Windows operating system for the server, since they consider Linux to be less popular, and not so well-known. But this is out of ignorance.

It is enough to get to know Linux distributions better to understand how much more convenient, more profitable from a financial point of view, and safer they are. You can be sure that by renting a Linux VPS, you will get much more than just an operating system.