WordPress is More Secure Than you Think

    More than 380 websites are created in this world every minute. People are looking to get online exposure to secure their business growth. With the development of modern websites, cyber-attacks are getting more prominent.

    You don’t have to rob a bank to become a millionaire. Just by getting access to sophisticated data, you can earn millions of dollars in an unethical way. 

    Word press is one of the most popular CMS platforms which helps the users to create a stunning website. Millions of websites are being hosted in the word press platform.

    Since it’s an open-source platform many people often get concerned with the security issues. After reading this article, you will get a clear idea about its security and why it has become so much popular over the past years.

    Vulnerabilities in WordPress

    Though the word press is one of the most popular website building software, it has surprisingly strong security. If you keep yourself updated regularly, chances are high the cybercriminals will have tough to time get into your website.

    Based on Securi’s hacked website report, we can clearly understand why its supers important to update the core of word press. In 2017, 39.3% of the websites were running on outdated word press version and they were subject to the massive cyber threat.

    On the contrary, those who have updated their core didn’t have to face a threat from cybercriminals. In each update, the word press core developers bring new changes to their security layer and make it nearly impossible to hack the website.

    To learn more about word press security feel free to visit Once you read this you will understand the importance of regular updates of the core software.

    Themes and Plugins


    It’s safe to say the word press is extremely concerned about cyber threats. They are working day and night so that attackers can’t penetrate the sensitive information of the users. But still, many word press sites are getting comprised.

    This is nothing but the results of outdated themes and plugins. Many people often download pirated themes from torrent sites that are already being infected. So, once you have massive traffic to the websites, the hidden codes in the themes get injected and compromise the security.

    On the contrary, the plugins have also exclusive access to the word press core features. So, if you think you can make some big changes with the outdated plugins, you are getting yourself exposed to online threats. Always keep the plugins and themes updated so that you don’t get hacked.

    Supply Chain Attacks


    This is one of the latest scams of hackers. Many people often purchase high-quality plugins and themes from third-party websites to cut down the development cost. But they don’t understand the fact, these are nothing but a trap from the hackers.

    All these themes and plugins are injected with viruses and help the hackers to gain full control of your website. So, if you want to keep your word press site safe, make sure you are not installing new plugins or themes from the untrusted sites.

    Security is at Your Hands

    By now you can understand the security of your word press websites lies within your hands. If you can follow the guidelines of this article, you are going to be the least favorite of the hackers.

    Being an owner of the reputed site, you might think about taking professional security services from skilled developers. They will fix the loopholes in your website and make hacking nearly impossible. So, take smart steps while using the open-source platform word press.

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