Xbox Series S Price and Design Leaked | Microsoft Responds

    Microsoft’s powerful and cheapest Xbox Series S design and price have been confirmed. In November Xbox series will be launched by Microsoft. Microsoft officials announced the price of the Xbox Series about $299. The next-generation Xbox series is available at a cheaper rate.

    Xbox series S is an alternative of Xbox series X and has a powerful design. The codename Lockhart is a popular design that has been revealed for the first time. The new series has an impressive console appearance and flatter design.

    The white console and black cooling grill with an amazing display. The Xbox series has a front USB port but have not a disc drive. To accommodate the GPU power the Microsoft has priced the Xbox series higher than other series.

    Xbox series S console is an updated Microsoft next-generation. Microsoft has also other Xbox series which are more expensive than the S series. Those gamer who want to enjoy the best gameplay can use the Xbox series S console strategy within a cheaper rate.

    A new leak has confirmed that the Xbox series has 144p / 220FPS retracing power. The next-generation Microsoft  Xbox series will be more in-line due to its form factors and extraordinary console design.

    Xbox series S

    It has been reported that Xbox series S has a GPU performance of 4 teraflops which is comparable to 12 GPU of Xbox series X and 6 GPU of one X. The series S has more benefits for the gamer and has an enhanced CPU power.

    The high SSD performance has made it the extraordinary next-generation series. And it can play all the next-generation games easily.

    Now it is available at an accurate price that anyone can afford it. And it an attractive and broadway to the next generation games. You will not have to wait for a long time to enjoy the Xbox series S. Hopefully, they will be available in the marketplace in November.

    Moreover, all the details about Xbox Series S will be at hand by Microsoft officials. It will be a powerful and backward compatible console contains more than 50 next-gen games.

    At that time everyone is waiting for its official launch. All the information is revealed by a video leak. This video shows how beautifully the new series will fit into the already present Xbox Series X.

    It will support XCloud game streaming at high generation titles and make it highly efficient. There will be no difficulty to run Xbox one titles as it is delivered in its digital format.

    Xbox series X and Xbox series S will hit the gaming world in November Windows central news has been revealed this news. And the officials have promised to reveal more accurate and authentic news soon. Xbox Series S will be the smallest Xbox ever just like stream STB.


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