Everyone knows how to use the internet these but if you are using it for a long time you must have ideas on how to ask a question and easily get answered by the Google search engine.

Now the time has come for you to share a recent search with your friends, Question is how you can do it. Yes, you can by using Google App beta for Android, which lets you share your current search with others.

For now, there are many ways to share your specific Google Search, you can use the old way just select the long URL or by using LMGTFY, which do offer you a more sass.

If we look at Google, it still has not yet created anything for this kind of sharing to make it easy, and not any official news about that.

Yesterday evening, Android owners who do have opted into this beta version of Google app are now starting to see a suitable sharing button on the search results page, it’s to the right of the voice search button.

When you will click on that button, it will pop up the Android sharing Menu, which lets you share a “search.app.goo.gl” link. I have shared an example for my readers to get the ideas of how it’s going to look and bring you to a Google search for 5 Star Hotel near me.

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The interesting thing is when you click on the links it seems to change based on your device whichever you are using at that time. Android users are linked directly to the Google Play Store for Google App, if you are on PCs you will be directed to usual Google search page results. Chromebooks also linking to the Google Play Store then move back to the browser of Google Search results.

The only text of your search will appear as a link in search terms, not according to your search which Google shows when you enter you are any search query. Google bot does identify your all information and shows you the results as per information it has but that does not mean that others will see your info or get the same results as you.

That feature sure is interesting if you want to share your Google search results with other and with the exact same search results which you are seeing on your current device..