Site Security on SEO has a direct impact on SEO for e-Commerce sites. If site hackers constantly attack your website, it will start to perform more poorly causing for loss of traffic. Taking into consideration your website security will protect it from these attacks.

Google recommended HTTPS for keeping websites safe and boost in ranking. However, to better understand the advantages of changing HTTP websites to HTTPS, we will first need to find out the difference. Doing the changing process improperly can negatively influence SEO and web hybrid traffic.

Thus, you will find a lot of trustworthy eCommerce SEO agencies that can positively influence your online presence through great SEO tactics for eCommerce sites.

The Difference Between HTTP and HTTPS


The first we need to understand is the basics of HTTP (hypertext transfer Protocol) and HTTPS (hypertext transfer protocol security) and find out the differences between them. HTTP provides the process of transferring data from a server to a certain browser.

However, this process is not secure and server information can be easily attacked. Here, the most vital difference comes from; SSL Certificate, that HTTPS uses. Through this extra security layer, HTTPS provides secure connections between the server and the browser. So, such public-key encryption that HTTPS uses protects the information from being stolen.

Website Security and SEO


The role of SEO in the eCommerce business is vitally important. SEO marketing agencies put endeavor and make use of many SEO tactics in order to have a high rank in search engines.

However, besides these tactics, the security of your website has a direct connection to the website ranking as well. People will surely choose the ones that they consider to be secure. As HTTPS is more secure it can have some more benefits to choose it for your website. Thus, in terms of SEO, it has an impact on:

  • Website Ranking

HTTPS is a Google ranking signal. When creating an e-commerce website, you need to pay attention to SSL, as it is a good ranking factor for Google. Besides security, e-commerce marketing agencies can use it as a good marketing strategy for building trust and boosting sales.

  •  Speed

Website speed is an important SEO factor. In comparison to HTTP, HTTPS is faster. Website speed is one of the indicators for Google. It saves the visitors’ time, as they can protect their information (including credit cards, passwords, etc.) and their browsing history.

Traffic and Conversions

HTTPS is an important factor for website visitors as well. Among different websites, people will trust the one that uses HTTPS. It means that it not only protects your website technically but also makes people feel confident in your website.

The more people visit your website, the more conversions you will have. It means that it can easily turn out to be a great factor for boosting sales.

When developing SEO strategies for your website success, it is important to remember about security as well. Moving your website to HTTPS is not difficult, however, before doing it you need to follow some tips. Your website security can do more than you think in terms of Google ranking.


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