5 of the Best Websites to Download Paid PC Games for Free and Legally


In today’s global world where games and gaming accessories such as Z line computer desk are continuously developed, gaming sites have equally evolved. Industry experts are becoming more passionate about the type of games they develop. This means that you can only enjoy quality gaming by choosing top gaming websites.

When seeking out new and exciting games, it is wise to settle for legal and free websites. This is because choosing illegal ways is not only discredit to the hard work of game developers, but it is also not fascinating.

Free and legal websites have some of the best-rated games that offer you a memorable gaming experience because of the masterpiece creativeness of developers. Here are the top 5 best websites to grab your most coveted video games for free and legally.

The Origin on the House

EA Games

The Origin on the House is an amazing website that operates legally and offers you free games. It is a premium website that values the quality of games it offers to clients.

Over the years, the website has always uploaded full versions of various games including a piece of land three, Mass Impact a pair, Anthem, and Assassins Creed Origins among others.

The website is developed by Electronics Art, and has always offered exceptional games that you can play or download for free.

IGN Beta Giveaway


IGN Beta Giveaway is also another leading website that offers quality games. It offers amazing deals for members because you can play, download and redeem beta codes to access an array of games.

The site also hosts paid amazing and exciting paid games for Prime members where you can reap more amazing rewards. The beauty of IGN Beta Giveaway is that it offers steam keys more directly if you are interested in premium games.

Reddit Freegames Subreddit


Reddit offers subreddits for domains and topics where you can find free games and giveaways. On the subreddit, you will need to submit a giveaways and free games links. It helps the websites or the pages bookmark to offer you some of the most exciting free games.



Steamgifts is an amazing website with an exciting community of passionate gamers. At the website, you will find exciting games and you can learn more about the site on its FAQ page.

At Steamgifts, you can access sponsor freebies and membership offers. You, however, need to sign up for an account with the website to know of top winners and saved games.

Steamgifts values your privacy and protects your user base or account. As a result, it is hard for scammers to get access to your account, giveaways and your winnings.

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SteamCompanion is equally one of the best websites to download free games legally. Just like Steamgifts, SteamCompanion operates most professionally and allows you to download games seamlessly. It allows you to play and win some of the most exciting Steam video games and Steam giveaways.

To make the most of the platform, you can link your Steam account to the website. It has a reliable, efficient and highly functional steam calculator that works on your overall worth. This gives you access to your favourite Steam video games worth of the calculated time.

A point to note is that Steam communities pride in many exciting corporations that also give away paid games that are free to download. Therefore, you can get Steam playing cards for free.

As such, it is important that you make wise and informed decisions on the type of games you wish to play on Steam sites.

With these top 5 websites, you can explore a wide range of PC games for free and legally. Remember, in financially tough times, you can make your gaming moments more exciting and rewarding by using these websites.

You can easily transfer different paid games legally and freely. The legal approach gives you the peace of mind you need when playing your favourite games.

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