Even in 2021, PUBG Mobile remains at the top of many app store charts as one of the most popular games of all time. Up until October 2020, the game has managed to be so popular that it earned more than $3.5 billion in just three years.

The game currently sits on top of the mobile battle royale list, beating games such as Call of Duty: Mobile, Garena Free Fire, Fortnite, and Knives Out. The South Korean developer PUBG Corp has tied up with Tencent to make the game available in different parts of the world.

If you have already played the game or are just starting with it, here are some tips that might help you get the Chicken Dinner. While these tips may not be applicable if you are a Pro and play the game like you have undetected PUBG cheats. But they are helpful even for players who regularly play the game and want to improve their skills.

Loot efficiently

If you like to grab everything you come across, you will not be very efficient in the game. PUBG has a certain carrying capacity, which limits the number of items you can carry.

When it comes to looting, you should be very calculative and loot according to your playstyle. Make sure to share or discard items from your inventory if you have many of them so that you can make space for those extra grenades or scope.

Communication is key

Since the game involves a lot of coordination and communication, make sure you have voice chat enabled whenever you play the game with your friends. This will help you improve your overall gameplay and strategize a plan to take out enemies.

A squad that can communicate with each other in real-time has many advantages over those not on voice chat. Many things can go wrong in PUBG, which is why you need to communicate with your team if things go south real quick.

Always pre-fire weapons

PUBG mobile

This tip is especially helpful if you get involved in close-quarter combat. The difference between life and death is usually a few milliseconds. If you tend to pre-fire before peeking that corner, chances are pretty high that you will out damage your enemy.

Keep in mind that one-shot weapons that AWM and Shotguns should not be pre-fired; else, you might miss the target and end up dead with several bullet holes in your body.

Enable Peek and Fire

You have no idea why PUBG Mobile decided to auto-disable Peek and Fire. This feature allows you to peek over corners in case an enemy sniper is waiting for you. It will help you protect the majority of your torso and only expose the upper part of your body.

This way, you will also take less damage since the enemies might miss a shot or two.

The option is available in the game’s settings, and we recommend everyone to get used to Peek and Fire if they want to improve their gameplay drastically.

Dynamic loadout is key to victory

The most common mistake even experienced players tend to make is that they do not carry a good loadout. While sometimes it might not be possible for you to get any good loot even in the late game, make sure you strategize and play according to what you have.

Suppose in late game you have an open fight in the jungle or on the mountain; a sub-machine gun may not be effective compared to an assault rifle or a sniper. The reverse also holds true. You need to always choose the best weapons for you in the right situation.


While there are hundreds of factors that might contribute to your win or loss, make sure you use these five tips to improve your overall performance and chances of getting the tasty “Chicken Dinner.”

In case you think we missed something, reach out to us in the comment section, and we will get back to you!