Best Rainmeter Skins for You To Customize Your PC Appearance

    When it comes to Best Rainmeter Skins of Windows PC it mostly has an outstanding look because whenever you look at your PC it gives you comfort.

    Today I am sharing a few skins of rainmeter, which many users are using these days, some of them are very famous and some are not.

    I have gathered a list of some of the topped and recent skins for you, let’s have a brief explanation of these outstanding and amazing skins.

    I should thank Microsoft for letting us customize our Windows theme and its options. Hopefully, multiple software allows us to make significant customization in Windows.

    Powerful, editable, and easily customizable skins, there are dozens of options in every Rainmeter Skin. You can add or remove any icons or app in Windows, starting with the Startup menu, display, clock, email, browsers, and networking.

    This software is absolutely free of cost and gives you access to all options available in this tool, unimaginable power is in hand to make major customizations to your desktop.

    Let’s start showing you some extraordinary Skins

    Download the Rainmeter Software

    Elegant Weather


    Rhymes with the name it has some cool off course modern and eye-catching weather skins in different colors with multiple looks.

    Try adding this elegant skin just by selecting the options from the list. You will see a few options there to change the font size and looks of the skin.

    Pog Pack


    Amazing and overlooked, quite famous in old-fashioned users, it is a very old skin and has 10 outstanding variables for changing the control of this skin.

    Pog has 12 basic and 8 of them are tabbed and offered in with multiple rights and left tabs. It has a beautiful and eye-catching front view with a big clock shows in the center of that skin.



    Kids love these skins due to their wrecked look, some of their structures are very unique also their features, especially tooltips, gauges, and tubs with some display options available.

    In this skins a uTorrent tracking, old fashioned clock, music player, weather details, volume, and network control options.

    I must say that the author of Alice-Reworked did his best to make these skins look better and easy for their fans to use. Just download and install this amazing skin.

    Before Dawn


    Every skin is very cool in rainmeter skin, if you are a very busy person and do not want to waste your time then Before Dawn is a perfect skin for you, just download and install.

    This is one of the easiest Rainmeter skins to set up, no need to make major customization main things do appear on the screen after adding the skin.

    Still not happy with the Before Dawn icons you can change them from the menu, all information appears in a bar on the desktop covering all areas.

    It shows the content in a readable view, showing the main programs like music player, pictures, and social media sites, and the big digital clock appears on the front with the system running status.

    This Before Dawn skin presents the main icon showing in front of the desktop, just click on it and run your program within a second.

    Metal Gear Rising


    This Rainmeter skin is based on a very popular online game Metal Gear Rising, Mostly it’s hardcore fans trying to find this skin, Metal Gear Rising is a very overlooked skin that contains some energetic icons.

    It has some main features like system status, internet speed, Utorrent, the signal strength of your wifi, and some basic app icons from the panel.



    When you look at this skin you will feel like living in the future, modern, overlooking but very cool Rainmeter skin. Tech-A skin is the future based and contains a very unique design.

    Only a future optimistic person loves that design, I used to like that skin. It shows Date and Time, CPU performance, RAM consumption, and weather update.

    In its main features, you can add any website just set it up and click on it from your desktop to open it.



    Everyone loves the idea to become IronMan but we cannot, here is a skin that can make our PC into a complete IronMan-Jarvis.

    You can have a fully customized design in IronMan and act like a Jarvis. This Rainmeter Skin is perfect for fans of IronMan and it will work just fine for you.

    It has some elite options which are fully customizable, having multiple components and you easily can change their positions. Basic information showing in a desktop-like Clock, date, PC temperature, and Hard drives capacity status.

    Avengers SHIELD OS


    Avengers Shield so an author created a wonderful Avengers OS for Marvel lovers, it is very outstanding skin, every Marvel lover has installed it on their PCs.

    With this amusing Rainmeter skin you can have operated your PC right from your desktop accessing everything which you acquire.

    Starting with the Internet Browsers, Music players, frequently used applications, most recent tasks, volume controls with multiple options, PC performance, and RAM utilization.

    Avenger SHIELD OS gives you the opportunity to play the Nick Fury game while you are relaxing at your desktop. It does have a few options for screen resolutions which you can change at any time.

    Senja Suite


    Looking for a very lightweight and fast best Rainmeter Skins then you must try out SENJA SUITE. With a small but unique UI, all basics are available in this skin, very powerful and easy to use.

    Almost the same information is displayed as every other skin, date and time, access to main folders, Search bar, the user profile in the main view, and Media player with cool design and control buttons.

    You can see a power button right in the middle of that skin so you just have to click on it to turn off your PC.



    A skin that is specially made for ALIENS lovers, creates an illusion that makes this skin perfectly illustrative for users.

    Very important and the noted thing is about its wallpaper without it this ALIENS Rainmeter Skin does not look interesting. The author made a good design according to user demands, a bright design that makes sense in an ALIEN mood.

    When it comes to its modules System information, disk drives, and power option shortcut. In its main modules Network downloading & uploading speed, PCs’ date and time are well arranged.

    Eker Lina


    The author of Eker Lina must be pretty creative because it is the most beautiful of all the Skins I have ever seen. It is perfectly designed, Eker Lina, having multiple options of modules.

    It has an amazing tiny widget that holds different designs and arranges any element from the list shown on the desktop.

    This specific skin has a consistent design flow, it shows a lot of information with its small widgets, a rounded beautiful clock with analog time, more folder and system drive widgets, Media Players, weather updates, and some social icons on it.



    Razor is very bold and transparent also it is in the list of top downloaded Skins, A glass effect does change its look and makes it cooler with that. Ultimately this glassy skin gives you an extraordinary look at your desktop.

    One of the main features if you want to use this skin, do not to try to add custom background wallpaper because the author made a perfect combination between widgets and background.

    Regarding the information showing as you can see in the screenshot above which describes that too much data is showing on the desktop.

    Disk drives space & usage, Internet speed, Main folders like Pictures, Movies, and Music, Battery status, Date & Time with Weather updates, and many other options which you can customize anytime.

    Win10 Widgets


    With that, you can change your recent look of Windows 10 into something very different using Win10 Widget with the help of skins software. You can give your desktop a modern look using that wonderful skin.

    In this skin, many more widgets are available some famous are CPU performance, memory usage, network speed, digital clock, weather details, classic media player, and battery info with much more details.

    There is a volume changer widget with a mix of controls, you can place any widget or change it at any time this skin comes with more customization tools that offer  Windows users to have more place to play with Win10 skin.

    Neon Space


    If you are a space-loving person then you will love Neon Space running on your PC, and its majestic look won’t let you take off your eyes from it. A Zathura with a bluish color and amazing configuration of widgets handled in this skin.

    It feels like you have control of an alien ship and you are in a command to lead it, its energetic wallpaper looks way cooler than you ever imagine. Neon Space skin merges your desktop into a complete alien spaceship.

    The main widgets contain Date and Time, calendar, RAM status, Weather update with 3 days of forecasting and a special holographic look which makes Neon Space skin more incredible for you.



    MNML is very unique because of its simplicity and clean design, this Rainmeter skin is not very modern and also does not contain too many widgets and app options for the user.

    A user with a simple and clean-looking eye will like this, it does not have many widgets showing on your desktop but have basic details visible. It just gives you a digital clock and date with the day on the top of it.

    MNML UI offers a simple and clean look no extra widget is available or option to add more.

    T-R-A-N-S-F-O-R-M-E-X Mod


    T-R-A-N-S-F-O-R-M-E-X is a very over-looking Rainmeter Skin, reviewing its look which describes an audio player with the same design which we used to install often in the early 2008s.

    You have the option to add or remove any content from your desktop, some of the main modules are RAM usage, System information, Location, Audio player, and weather update, change any one of these whenever you want it. Just download and add this superb skin to your PC.



    Enigma is simple in many ways that are why users love it, the top ten ranked in Skins and even the most downloaded skin from 2007 to 2015. Because of its simple and amazing look, Rainmeter used it as a default theme for some time.

    The main reason users love it is because it shows every simple and deep information on your desktop, you can keep an eye on your RAM, CPU, Networking speed, and connectivity status. I once used it for a long time due to its amazing look and informational widgets.

    In its brief information RAM usage and CPU performance, Music Player with controls, Volume option, Slides from Gallery, RSS feed, Weather, date, day and time with many informative options, also you can write any note just by click on its widget.



    The way it looks in the picture it looks more perfect in reality, I would recommend using SPEED skin or at least try it for once.

    Given its simple and unique name, it is a very fast Rainmeter Skin as you can see its name is Speed, and includes one of the best consistent skins.

    Its transparent widgets make it look more consistent on your desktop screens, every widget in Speed varies from the others.

    Some of the main modules are a Search engine, a Digital clock, weather forecasting, current processor speed, power status, date, day and month widget, wifi, and internet speed all includes in Speed skin. You can add an email icon to keep an eye on recent mail.



    Wisp skin does not contain widgets it simply has elements that are visible on the desktop. Including the sub-elements which can be drawn anywhere on the screen.

    A unique skin in many ways every module in this rainmeter is written on your desktop instead of displaying on a widget.

    Some users think of it as flawless skin because of its simple look. It does make your desktop unique after installing and loading the skin from the panel.

    It shares almost the same information just like the other Skins, CPU/RAM, Network, Temperature, Disk Drives capacity, Date and Time, etc.



    One of the most complex-looking skins I have seen. In that superb theme, the author is delivering the content in texts instead of using widgets. That’s why LIMIT is different from any other skin.

    Its big and clean font looks impressive, also the color combination is eye-catching if you are a true color lover. The colorful gesture of the texts makes it funkier in design. Some preliminary information displayed is Date & Time, Weather forecasting, Media playback, RAM, and System performance.

    Circle Launcher


    Circle Launcher is one of the excellent and best rainmeter skins if you want to change or add more custom icons to your desktop and taskbar. That can be easily adjusted to make your desktop more attractive.

    Just add this simplest and coolest to the list of best Rainmeter Skins, Circle Launcher has small and beautiful circle icons that you can place on your desktop. Just select the icon and place it anywhere on your desktop.

    The hover effect in Circle Launcher is just amazing it glows with the change of color on every icon. This cool and amazing Rainmeter Skin has over 150+ collections of icons that you can use according to your need.


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