Why Samsung is trying to do something, which might give them a little backward, recently New Samsung Galaxy Note 10 made an appearance. A much reliable source Steve Hemmerstoffer also known as @OnLeaks has something to share with us.

Steve recently revealed that Samsung is very ambitious about the launching of the amazing “Galaxy Note 10 Pro” version, that’s sure not all of it.

Everyone knows about the release of Samsung Note 10 Pro, but here are few things are happening. An ally of Steve Hammerstoffer Pricebaba, both has published a very first glimpse of Samsung’s newly hot device, remarkable thing is the @onLeaks has delivered us 5k resolution.

Some improvements shown in the leaks like much obliged new quad camera, much better than the previous one dual strip design, a single, central puch-hole front camera that we were expecting in the phone and smaller bezels are incredible.

One point must be noted here, without any doubt the most popular Samsung insider Ice Universe has obliged the overall design of Note 10 Pro, he also tweeted that “renderings are a bit exaggerated, especially the chin, which is actually only a little smaller than the S10+.”

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Steve Hemmerstoffer added few words to regarding that tweet, this Samsung Note 10 Pro will have a 4.1 mm chin versus 4.9mm on the S10+.

Hemmerstoffer’s renders clearly show Samsung has so scrapped the earpiece jack. we tend to already knew it had been force from the quality Note ten, however to act from the a lot of larger Note ten professional may be a blow and it’s odd Samsung would suppose its do-all smartphone was the simplest model to debut this unpopular modification.

On the flipside, we all know the Galaxy Note 10 Professional also will debut next-gen RAM and next-gen storage aboard some jaw-dropping quick charging speeds that leave the Galaxy S10 uptake its dirt. Therefore, has Samsung done enough? In an exceedingly year once Apple is creating a large number of the iPhone eleven, it simply would possibly.