Yes. It’s not your imagination. Writing a blog post is a little like driving. You can examine the street rules or read various articles on blog post writing, but nothing can be as real as getting behind the wheels and hitting the road.

Research is daunting, but the most important step. Writing is easy if you can access the right information easily. Breakdown those difficult concepts into simpler forms, readers tend to love that. With the right training and use of keywords and keyphrases, the sky’s the limit as to how successful you can become in blog post writing.

 There are numerous ways on the best way to compose a post or an article on a site page. Without a decent blog entry, you have less to no odds of the search engine optimization displaying your page. In the past, blogs were much more personal to the writer of the post or the group of writers than they are today.

Today, blog entries are utilized by individuals from varying backgrounds to showcase, present thoughts, censure, pass data, create awareness in addition to other things.  Prior to writing one, you should have a clear idea of the target audience and the kind of information you want to pass across.

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Before getting into the actual steps, I thought you should know why blogging is so important today.

Importance of Blogging


Without a blog, your website is invisible. The benefits of blogging have become impossible to ignore in recent times. Here are the top five reasons you need to keep blogging every single day:

1. Blogging increases the traffic to a website each day

2. Blogging has proved to be the most cost-effective mode of brand promotion.

3. Blogging fosters good relationships and trust.

4. Blogging connects commercial life to personal through various forms of social media platforms.

5. Blogging builds an online portfolio.

And now let us get to the steps for successful blogging.

Step 1 – Plan

●     Understand your audience.

You first need to think about your ideal reader before writing a post. Do some research of your audience through different media and even conduct interviews on some of the actual potential readership zones. Study the current competition in the market and try to bridge the gaps.

●      Choose a topic

Go for a topic that you are confident, passionate and knowledgeable about.  It should be one with a demand on the market, a niche in the market could help you come up with one.

●     Create outline

Have an organized way of putting your points across. Figure out what you know and what you don’t. Choose a topic and establish a purpose. A list of the main ideas can come in handy in brainstorming most of the writing process. Organize your key points and thereafter add some key points to help support each point.

●      Do research

After coming up with a topic for your blog, you need to mine for content. You need to remain organized and ensure that the article flows in the correct order. Choose the key points and ask yourself the right questions. Use curiosity, especially when covering an unfamiliar topic.

●     Determine number of words

What is the ideal blog post length? Blog posts are normally aimed at more comments, more readers, more links and more traffic. The shorter the blog, the better for you. But depending on the kind of message you want to pass across, the lengths may vary.

If your target is to get more comments on your blog, it shouldn’t exceed 300 words. For more social media shares, aim at a medium length post of between 600-1000 words. While for more traffic on google, your blog post should be well researched and 2450 words long.

Step 2 – Write the Post


●     Headline

The headline should be catchy but not clickbait. Define what the article is about in a way that excites the reader and makes them want to fetch more. Have a unique title.

●     Introduction

The introduction should capture the reader’s attention. Invite the reader in. State a commonality, be personal and exciting. Make the reader feel that their concerns will be met in your blog.

●     Body

Be very informative. Make sure you stick to a topic, an interesting one for that matter. The writer should make the post easy to read, scannable, conversational, and in an active voice. Most of all, be consistent.

●     Conclusion

When ending your blog post, request feedback from the reader. Include call to action phrases such as learn more or get yours now.

●     Write in single sitting

Writing a blog post in a single sitting presents a clear flow of ideas. You are less likely to contradict your previous statements as opposed to writing without a clear workflow.

Step 3 – Enhance Your Post

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●     Edit for grammar

Always proofread your work before hitting the publish button. Read aloud, use grammar checking tools to ensure your work is okay before posting it.

●     Add Images

Images further explain your points. The right image helps craft and tell the story in a better way. Imagery should be an important part of all blog posts.

●     Improve visual appearance

Make the paragraphs short, have bulleted lists, block quotes, link to authoritative posts to make your blog readable. People tend to shy away from long posts with little to no paragraphs. Imagery in between paragraphs tend to capture the reader’s attention.

●     Add title tags

Title tags are essentially the main piece of text that people use to identify the different URLs on your site. They tell the website visitors and search engines what your site is about in a concise manner.

With these tips on blog writing, there are chances you will succeed in blog writing. Establish a publishing schedule, then start off with at least a post each week. It’s okay to start with shorter posts at the beginning; experience and consistency will be accomplished with time.

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Did we cover all you need to know before writing a good blog post? Share your thoughts and comments with us. Now get your phone and start blogging!