The one thing that a website is going to amass is content, which is a good thing. There are, however, some loyal visitors who might end up wanting new content on a regular basis.

They tend to dismiss old content and only pay attention to what’s in the latest updates. So, how do people update old content and increase traffic to their site? For anyone looking to update content, here are a few simple ways to do that:

Update Content by Keeping it Up-To-Date

Look at older blogs and see if there are any broken links associated with them. A professional tip from Andrew Nicholson, an expert at one of the essay writing services that help college students better understand the academic requirements they face, is to do some proofreading and polish up that entry.

After that, make sure that any information in the blog is up-to-date. If there are any cover images or pictures in the post, think of putting up new ones.

Make an Impression


In order to update the article, look for the older ones that are getting fewer clicks but are simply better in terms of the impression they make. You can then optimize them for unique queries, which will improve their ranking.

After that, take a look at content that is getting a lot of positive feedback, but still not ranked on the first page of search engines. Take those posts and improve the content itself, which will help to improve the ranking and drive-up traffic.

It’s never a bad idea to take a look at an older post and then take some of the concepts and put forth. As many essay writers point out, connecting old and new ideas is one of the essential qualities of a writer.

The same relates to the content on your website. By linking the fresh content SEO to the old, people are more likely to click on the older post if they haven’t read it and they’re also going to appreciate having the reference available when they need it.

Have a Featured Post on the Main Page

Many sites do this now, and it’s a good idea for any ones that have a fair amount of old content on it. Wikis are especially well known for this and benefit from doing it.

By having a part of the main page showcasing a “page of the day”, people are more likely to notice old content and click on it. In many ways, featured posts are like a free form of advertising.

Make Republishing Your Friend


One idea for driving up traffic and updating a post is to simply repost it again on other sites. An old post can seem brand new with a quick update and then a publication elsewhere.

So after a proofread, as an aforementioned expert from an essay writing service pointed out, you can simply republish some of your best articles and it will likely get noticed by a whole new group of people, which will bring new traffic.

Add, Don’t Subtract

A good way to keep a post fresh, as it is described in one of the edubirdie blogs, is to go back and update an article with new information. People on the website who see that the post has been updated will pay more attention to the information that is new and relevant.

Optimize Your Old Posts

The best way to drive up traffic and update an old post at the same time is to take a look at what keywords are driving traffic to the site and then use them as often as possible across old posts. Only by inserting a few keywords in old posts, people conducting searches will start finding that post popping up more often.

Driving up traffic and increasing the popularity of a site is incredibly important, so the content and SEO instruments are something that you should be aware of. Such simple things as changing the headlines for posts or putting a keyword or two can also drive up traffic to the site.