What are the Best Crypto Games in 2021?

    We have witnessed incredible developments in technology in the previous few years. While the world is confronting several issues at the same time, like political and global challenges such as climate change, new ways to finding answers and pushing the frontiers of technology have been developed.

    Big investors such as Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk have made significant investments in space exploration initiatives and more efficient batteries to power electric cars.

    The big and visionary firms like Tesla were of course among the first to endorse Bitcoin. But it is no wonder that other sectors of the industry rapidly followed suit.

    The game and gambling sector, which is recognized for its progressive technical approach, was one of the first to accept new digital currencies.

    Many analysts believe that the trends are shifting toward cryptos and that cryptocurrency will soon be the new growth engine for the whole business.

    Therefore cryptocurrency-specific game platforms, such as Crypto Casinos, have started springing up all over the place. With so many different crypto games offered, it is important to get informed and read the basic information about your favorite game like the Mines Game Review on Casino.Guide in order to stay updated and avoid disappointments.

    In this article, we inform you about the best crypto games besides the game Mines.

    Key facts:

    New technologies have revolutionized the market

    Cryptocurrencies are among the most revolutionary developments

    Many new crypto games have entered the market

    Splinterlands monthly transactions surpass 67.2 million US-Dollars

    Axie Infinity becomes one of the most popular games

    Cryptoblades offers great fun

    Alien Worlds entertains more than 2,7 million players

    A New Currency is Born

    One technological development which is extremely important and interesting is cryptocurrencies. The introduction of new technology has resulted in the creation of a new type of currency around the globe. It was just a matter of time before digital currencies emerged as a result of global digitization.

    And now they’re here! Bitcoin and altcoins have been a great success so far, but many people are concerned about the currencies’ stability and durability. For a long time, digital currencies have been the attention of the media, and they have received widespread support from many segments of society.

    As the offer is great, the question automatically arises, which are the best crypto games on the market. And to stay even more on time, we have to ask what are the best crypto games of this year? We have the answers for you!


    The first crypto game we have to mention, if we speak about the best and most successful games this year is Splinterlands.

    The crypto game is basically a collectible crypto card game that is based on the co-called Hive blockchain.

    According to the rules, users gather rare monster cards through NFTs to battle other players. The initiative is popular in other countries, and it has already been translated into Russian. It is frequented monthly by approximately 96.7 thousand gamers, and the total amount of transactions surpasses 67.2 million US-Dollars.

    These are numbers that speak for themselves, no wonder it is one of the crypto games of 2021.

    The thrill of the game is simply the combination of luck and skills. The amount a player can earn is determined by the player’s skills and luck. Some players get rare cards that instantly pay for all expenditures, while others utilize artifacts to engage in fights.

    Each combat lasts one to two minutes, and depending on the rating, a victory is worth up to one dollar. The more you play, the better you get, and of course also watching live streams on Twitch and reading reviews can help to refine your strategy. So no time to lose!

    Axie Infinity

    Another game that is a must on the list of the best crypto games of 2021, is the game Axie Infinity. The game has become more and more popular in recent years and has a great deal of fun.

    Axie Infinity, a bitcoin withdrawal game inspired by the Japanese evergreens Pokémon and Tamagotchi. The game has experienced the most significant rise in daily activity in 2020 – a rise of over 810 percent.

    The project has grown so popular that it surpassed the greatest apps on the Ethereum network in terms of the number of transactions in the protocol multiple times by August 2021.

    Alone in September 2021, the weekly volume of big transactions, which means transactions that are above 100000 US-Dollars, is an incredible amount of 1.29 million US-Dollars. This amazing game is definitely worth checking out!

    If you want to know more about Axie Infinity check the video below:

    Axie Infinity: The CRAZIEST Crypto Game EVER!! 🤯


    money saver

    The third game on our list of the best crypto games 2021 is the game CryptoBlades. Also, this game is about competition and fighting against other players but even more in a battle way.

    CryptoBlades is a fighting game that is based on the Binance Smart Chain blockchain. The game gives the player the opportunity of building a character and equipping it with different gadgets such as weapons, protections, and other cool special features.

    Also, this game became extremely popular in recent years and is today one of the most popular crypto gaming ventures. Each participant receives a share of 3 million US-Dollars every day. The monthly transaction volume in the decentralized application CryptoBlades is 99.65 million US-Dollars. A big fish on the market, no wonder.

    Just the fact that a game makes so much revenue and has such high popularity around the globe, shows how good the game must be. So do not wait and check it out!

    Alien Worlds

    Last but not least, we have to mention the amazing crypto games Alien Worlds. The futuristic game with dark sci-fi feeling is popular and loved by many for a reason

    Alien Worlds is one of the most popular and fastest-growing crypto games on the market. Currently, over 2.7 million individuals play the game, and around 745,000 new users join the metaverse each month.

    Alien Worlds is the only gaming project that runs on three networks at the same time: Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, and WAX.

    However, all settlement transactions and technical procedures are routed through WAX, which is an extremely fast blockchain with cheap costs at the same time. As of September 2021, the weekly volume of significant transactions in the game is 5.74 million US-Dollars.

    This game is definitely one of the best games one should play in 2021.


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